Giving Waste Pickers A Voice

For many years, Kenyan waste pickers have been used by both government, industry and green-washing organizations, providing free labor to counties and helping manage packaging pollution in the country. It is now time to change this. Clean Up Kenya and Nairobi Recyclers are teaming up to mobilize the largest grassroot civil society petition to Kenyan leaders to undertake legislative and structural interventions to address the plight of waste pickers across the country.

Add Your Voice Today

As a grassroot organization working in communities across Kenya, we are requesting you to add your voice to a petition we will be sending to all Members of Parliament, Senators, Governors and other leaders to prioritize work to protect the rights of Kenyan waste pickers

Lead Organisations

Grassroot Supporters

Coordinators Statements

It is not financially sustainable for civil society to formalize waste pickers. This must be a government-led project.

Betterman Simidi

Patron, Clean Up Kenya

Waste pickers are vulnerable persons. They must be protected by the law and all efforts made to improve their lives.

Stanley Didi

coordinator, nairobi recyclers

Clean Up Kenya - Plastics Action Kenya - Chris Muriithi

Waste pickers undertake a fundamental role in the Kenyan society. They contribute tremendously to circular economy.

Christopher Muriithi

advisor, clean up kenya


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