Chairman's Message

we call on all stakeholders to join us in this great cause

Martin Muriithi, Advisory Board Chairman


Rapid urbanization continues to create many sanitation problems in Kenya. The country has not prioritized the setting up of a modern, effective and comprehensive waste management infrastructure. 

Kenya also lacks a national oversight team responsible for waste management legislation, infrastructure design, operations management, and monitoring. 

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the relation between sanitation and public health and the need to priotize waste management. In the last few months we have seen governments sanitizing public places and disseminating public messages for people to wash hands frequently and dispose waste properly.

Public health protection caused by poor sanitation is therefore vital and should be at the top of the agenda in government, within industries and communities. 

At Clean Up Kenya, through various programs, we continue to pursue the goals to protect and care, to highlight issues, and to defend the poeple’s constitutional right to a clean Kenya.

We continually call upon all stakeholders to join us in this noble cause. Our sacrifices and contributions, knowledge and resources, will deliver a Kenya we are all proud of. No one should be left behind – it’s a time for solidarity and responsibility.  

Martin E. Muriithi | Advisory Board Chairman | Former Country Director


More than before we require your support to help us pursue the dream of clean neighborhoods in Kenya