Research & Advocacy Work

At the base of our research and advocacy work is increasing visibility on issues leading to sustainable interventions from all stakeholders

Since 2015, Clean Up Kenya has been engaged in various research and advocacy initiatives addressing numerous public sanitation issues. These initiatives have involved the publication of multiple public-facing reports, the implementation of various digital campaigns, and the facilitation of numerous community and stakeholder engagements. 

Some of the areas where we have been involved include plastics and textile waste, extended producer responsibilities, leadership and governance, marine pollution, and sanitation rights for the urban poor, among others. 

As a consequence, our efforts have reached millions of people online, garnered hundreds of coverage in local and international media outlets, and contributed to positive transformations across the country.

The primary objectives of this work include:

  • Contributing to the enhancement of the public knowledge base.
  • Raising awareness and increasing visibility on pertinent issues.
  • Encouraging sustainable interventions from those most accountable for the problems.
  • Contributing to the influence and development of public policy.

latest project

Mitumba Waste Report

Second Hand Clothing waste is having a devastating impact on the environment in Kenya. This is mainly fueled by the unregulated exports of low quality clothing from developed countries. In 2023 in partnership with Changing Markets Foundation, we released a report that showed upto 40% of these exports from the UK and the EU are essentially rubbish.