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kenya children for environmental change project helps foster sustainability leadership among children

In 2016, Clean Up Kenya launched the Kenya Children for Environmental Change project. This behavioral change and mentoring project targets mostly children under the age of thirteen years.

Through specially designed sanitation clinics, the project exposes participants to actual contact with public sanitation issues in a safe, meaningful, authentic, enjoyable, engaging, and in a practical manner beyond the traditional classroom approach. 

In most cases, the participants take part in safe cleanups and in some cases have organized visits to illegal dumpsites or polluted water sources, or waste management facilities, where they learn how waste affects the environment, livelihoods and the economy

A key component of the project is the provision of a Clean Up Kenya Sanitation Kit to every beneficiary which contains items that to promote behavior change either through their daily usage or as essential aids in school / community sanitation projects. You can request more information about this kit or how you can partner with us to reach more children by contacting us below.

The purpose of this project is to foster environmental leadership and stewardship among this target group and to develop an instrument for lobbying the policy makers to integrate environmental sustainability into the mainstream basic education curriculum as advanced at the 20th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers held in Fiji in February 2018

We use football, modelling, music, art and comedy to pass the message across. The children also write letters to their leaders calling for better management of sanitation issues in the country. 

To date, over 6000 children have directly been impacted by this project with a multiplier effect on 15,000 more. Some of the children we have worked with at Debbie Oyugi Kids have represented Kenya internationally at kids pageantry. 

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