Clean Up Kenya launches #PlasticPandemicKenya campaign

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In a landmark policy intervention, Kenya banned single-use plastic bags on 28th August 2017. To celebrate three years of this ban, Clean Up Kenya in partnership with Changing Markets Foundation is planning a series of disruptive actions during the months of August and September 2020 to increase visibility on the problem of pollution caused by plastic bottles.

These actions are aimed at increasing pressure on consumer brands and other stakeholders particularly government to make more progress on the issue of single-use plastics especially that of plastic bottles. These plastics continue to pollute our environment, destroy our marine life and kill communities.

Key to these actions includes releasing a short video highlighting the problem and as well as a report which shows how consumer brands are intentionally or otherwise working to undermine legislation through lobbying to delay progress or distract and deflect attention to consumers with the help of big media in Kenya.  

Coca-Cola is one of the companies we are targeting in this campaign and whom we will highlight how they are engaged in #CorporateSlavery and #CorporateRacism and how a subsidy program they fund at Petco Kenya exploits poor women and uses child labour to drive recycling numbers up. We will also highlight how Petco Kenya, Coca-Cola’s surrogate continues to threaten civil societies with lawsuits for talking about this problem.

We are calling on all Kenyans and friends of Kenya to use hashtag #PlasticPandemicKenya to talk about these things.

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