Clean Up Kenya appoints 8-year-old to Advisory Board

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Effective 1st September 2021, Clean Up Kenya has appointed Jada Neema to its Advisory Board. Neema, who is only eight years old, will represent the interests of children within the Clean Up Kenya structures.

This comes after Monicah Ngatia, 25, was appointed as the organization’s Country Director in 2020.

Neema’s appointment heralds a new chapter in our work. Going forward, we are going to step up our work with children. Since 2016, we have held several sanitation clinics for children across Kenya reaching over 6,000 children directly. In the coming years, we are going to escalate that work.

Early this year, we launched a reusable water bottle campaign which is going run hand in hand with the sanitation clinics. Our goal is to provide a reusable water bottle to every child we reach to inspire sustainable behaviors among this group.

Jada Neema and Fred Peter 2021-Brand-Audit-Kenya-Report-LAUNCH-EVENT (11)
Fred Peter and Jada Neema being interviewed by NTV, Kenya during the 2021 PET Rubbish Report launch

Jada Neema and Fred Peter have also been appointed as Clean Up Kenya Brand Ambassodours, joining others from the Debbie Oyugi Kids who we have worked with since 2016.

While making these announcements, Martin Muriithi, Clean Up Kenya Advisory Board Chairman has observed, “In a few years, these children will hold positions of power in society. They will be the Members of Parliament, Senators, and Chief Executive Officers. They are the ones that will make the real change.”