Clean Up Kenya 2023 Hall of Fame Award Presented to Darren Hart Juma

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Darren Hart Juma is the national winner of the 2022 – 2023 Clean Up Kenya Hall of Fame Award for his environmental activism and community engagement, and for helping advance our mission toward sustainable public sanitation in Kenya.

The award was conferred upon Mr. Juma during a ceremony held at the Kenya National Library Services Headquarters in Nairobi on May 2023, attended by up to 200 environmentalists.

This award was given to him after coordinating 13 cleanups in Nairobi in the months of March, April and May where over 3500 volunteers participated in recovering over 200 tonnes of waste from Nairobi rivers and marine litter source areas around Nairobi.

Darren Hart Juma has been a member of Clean Up Kenya since 2019 and has helped organise several other cleanups for Clean Up Kenya around Nairobi since then. In August 2022 he was appointed as Clean Up Kenya’s Deputy Country Director and promoted to Country Director in August 2023 in a restructuring that is seeing Clean Up Kenya become youth-led.


Clean Up Kenya was established in 2015 to advocate for and promote sustainable public sanitation in Kenya. Since then we have become the de-facto national public sanitation advocacy brand. We are also experts in community mobilizing for cleanups. We have done numerous cleanups over the years, some of which have been attended by over 1000 volunteers on singular sites. These cleanups are meant to increase visibility on the problem of waste and it is therefore common to see our volunteers in bibs with one message, ‘Clean Up Kenya’. At the core of our work is honest and actual engagement in communities – not PR events. We also run advocacy campaigns holding duty bodies, consumer brands, green-washing NGOs, and other stakeholders to account for unsustainable public sanitation in Kenya and the global South. We receive no funding for our work but collaborate with others on projects.