2023 Ngong Road Community Cleanup

Ngong Road Community Cleanup was held in Nairobi as part of a project to recover plastics from Nairobi River and source areas. This project is supported by Norwegian Retailers Environment Fund. The cleanup took place on 11th March 2023 and focused on Ngong Road which drains into Kirichwa Ndogo River a tributary of Nairobi River. Headcount number of participants at the start was 59 with total volunteers estimated to be 150+. The project saw the recovery of approximately 20 tonnes with 30 percent estimated to be plastics. Several groups and organizations took part in the cleanup including the County Government of Nairobi, Kimoja CBO and Hidden Talents among others. The Ngong Road project was led by Teresia Wairimu with support from Darren Hart Juma, a Director at Clean Up Kenya.



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