Clean Up Kenya seeks to develop and launch many environmental projects starting 2015. These projects are classified either as Special Projects or Cleanup Projects.


CLEAN UP KENYA seeks to inspire and empower local communities, schools, community-based organisations, businesses and local governments to plan and conduct cleanup activities in their communities. These projects will involve litter picking, unblocking of drainages and any other related activities.

CLEAN UP KENYA will also plan several major projects in selected cities and towns across Kenya in 2015.

Inspired by Clean Up Australia, Clean Up Kenya will also propose to have a dedicated Clean Up Kenya Day  where thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations can come together to conduct hundrends of cleanup projects across Kenya. The first Clean Up Kenya Day is proposed for early 2016.


CLEAN UP KENYA is implementing two special flagship projects in 2015.

  1. Clean Up Kenya Video Series
    Clean up Kenya is planning a three-segment video series that will be aired on conventional media as well as spread widely on social media to draw attention to Kenya’s sanitation crisis. The videos will also become an educational resource for outreach programs involving schools, organisations, authorities and so forth. Learn More

  2. Kenyan Children for Environmental Change
    Clean Up Kenya is implementing as one of its flagship projects a cleanup awareness program for primary schools. The Kenyan Children for Environmental Change project hopes to reach 1 million children below 13 years in Kenyan schools in 2015 with an environmental awareness message. We will be asking the children to pledge not to litter, participate in and organise environmental cleanup projects in their communities as part of a school project as well as raise awareness of the issues caused by litter in their homes and neighbourhoods. As part of their pledge, we intend to get a wristband on the hand of every child we meet with an environmental call to action. Learn More
Clean Up Kenya is An environmental project seeking to empower the dream of a litter-free Kenya
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