Message From the Founder

I have often been fascinated by the life of John McCain, An American war veteran and respected United States leader, as he narrates in his book ‘Faith of my Fathers’. His words have particularly awakened in me a sense of attitude and contribution. John McCain quotes Viktor Frankl as follows: “Everything can be taken from man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s own attitude in any given set of circumstances, to chose one’s own way.”

John further writes:

“I have spent much of my life choosing my own attitude, often carelessly, often for no better reason than to indulge a conceit. In those instances, my acts of self-destruction were mistakes, some of which did no lasting harm, and serve now only to embarrass, and occasionally amuse, the old man who recalls them. Others I deeply regret.

“At other times I have chosen my own way with good cause and to good effect. I have never done so to apologise for my mistakes. My contrition is a separate matter. When I chose well I did so to keep a balance in my life – a balance between pride and regret, between liberty and honour.”

I will soon turn 35 and I have decided to choose - between self-interest and common purpose, between ambition and contribution. I have never thought I was ‘a man of spotless virtue’ but I know I have always been ‘brave, honest and loyal’ - At least towards my country. That is why together with two good friends of humblest of backgrounds we have decided to put our careers in jeopardy and invest our last penny in starting a national platform where we can begin to have conversations about our environment. We do this not to get ‘honours of men’ but because it is the right thing to do.

In the next months you will see us in your towns, villages, lake shores, streets, farms, offices, homes, classrooms and barazas, preaching one message, Clean Up Kenya.

We are not simply seeking for benefactors. That is contrary to the fact. That is why ours has been set up as a social enterprise – one that will also be engaged in commerce for a social good. We only ask of you two things, first you catch the vision of a cleaner Kenya and second, TO ACT. Our test of patriotism is in our good actions for our country. I invite you to be part of the Clean Up Kenya project.

Betterman Simidi Musasia

Clean Up Kenya is An environmental project seeking to empower the dream of a litter-free Kenya
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