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A web platform to promote conversations and actions about the litter and illegal dumping problem in Kenya was launched on 15th July 2015. The website cleanupkenya.org will enable Kenyans to sign a Clean Up Kenya Petition, report any illegal dumping in their communities and register and publicise a cleanup activity across Kenya. While launching this website, Clean Up Kenya founder, Betterman Simidi Musasia, has observed that, this initiative is inspired by other global initiatives in other countries such as Clean Up Britain and Clean Up Australia Day.

According to the website, the litter problem in Kenya continues to grow despite authorities’ best efforts to clean up. Thousands of pieces of litter are dumped everyday by both citizens and organisations. For example, it is reported that Nairobi generates about 4000 tonnes of litter everyday with half of this being illegally dumped. If you drive around the other towns and cities you will also see tremendous amount of trash. Major highways are not spared either. They have become established eyesores with many non-degradable materials of plastic, polythene, tin and glass. These materials end up washing away into our water sources polluting our rivers, lakes and oceans.

The authorities on the other hand continue to develop and implement several waste management programs and anti littering/dumping laws. Despite these efforts, the problem continues to grow. This then becomes a vicious cycle where individuals and organisations litter and dump with authorities cleaning up. This state can largely be attributed to a lack of concerted efforts by authorities, organisations, environmentalists and well meaning citizens at public awareness that leads to real behavioural change.

The website therefore seeks to reverse this by asking Kenyan citizens, organisations and government entities to adopt an increased responsibility in taking care of our environment.

Clean up Kenya Ventures, which has developed this website has also come up with a wide-ranging program of action to realise its mission. The program starts with an online petition available on the world renowned petitions website of change.org as well as the organisation’s official facebook page. People from Kenya and around the world can be able to sign this petition as a commitment to desist from littering, dispose litter off legally, spread anti-littering information, and to participate in and support any cleanup activities organised in Kenyan communities.

This organisation, set up as a social enterprise, has also launched two crowd funding campaigns on Indiegogo.com. One of these campaigns is to raise funds to develop a documentary on the litter crisis in Kenya with the other one being for an outreach program involving primary schools. In the outreach program, Clean up Kenya Ventures plans to reach 1 million children below the age of 13 within one year with an environmental awareness undertaking. In the project, the organisation will be asking the children to pledge not to litter, organise and participate in environmental cleanup projects in their communities as part of a school project as well as raise awareness in their homes and neighbourhoods of the issues caused by litter. As part of their pledge, the program intends to get a wristband on the hand of every child they meet with an environmental call to action.

Clean up Kenya Ventures will also be going door to door urging organisations to take a proactive role in taking care of our environment. This will lead to the holding of major cleanup activities in select cities across Kenya early in 2016. There is also a plan being developed for a dedicated national cleanup day where thousands of Kenyans will engage in hundreds of cleanup activities in their communities on a dedicated day once a year beginning 2016.


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