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CLEAN UP KENYA VIDEO SERIES is a three-segment video series that will be aired on conventional media as well as spread widely on social media to draw attention to Kenya’s sanitation crisis.


CLEAN UP KENYA, established in 2015, is an environmental project seeking to empower the dream of a litter-free Kenya. As part of our comprehensive plan to realise a litter-free Kenya, we are planning a three-segment video series that will be aired on conventional media as well as spread widely on social media to draw attention to Kenya’s sanitation crisis. The videos will also become an educational resource for outreach programs involving schools, businesses, non-governmental organisations and local authorities. This three-segment production will have;

  • A sixty second infomercial - short video explaining core messages of dangers of littering and illegal dumping,
  • A five minute film showing how an ordinary family experiences a behavioural change after going through a life changing incident related to littering and illegal dumping, and,
  • A twenty-five minute documentary examining the litter and illegal dumping problem in Kenya.



The litter problem in Kenya continues to grow despite authorities’ best efforts to clean up. Thousands of pieces of litter are dumped everyday by both citizens and organisations. For example, it is reported that Nairobi generates about 4000 tonnes of litter everyday with half of this being illegally dumped. If you drive around the other towns and cities you will also see tremendous amount of trash. Major highways are not spared either. They have become established eyesores with many non-degradable materials of plastic, polythene, tin and glass. These materials end up washing away into our water sources polluting our rivers, lakes and oceans.

The authorities on the other hand continue to develop and implement several waste management programs and anti littering/dumping laws. Despite these efforts, the problem continues to grow. This then becomes a vicious cycle where individuals and organisations litter and dump with authorities cleaning up. This state can largely be attributed to a lack of concerted efforts by authorities, organisations, environmentalists and well meaning citizens at public awareness that leads to real behavioural change.

That’s why this video series is important. It is a necessary element in a comprehensive plan developed by CLEAN UP KENYA to create public awareness that leads to better preservation of our environment. The production will show citizens the dangers of a litter stricken country and the benefits of choosing to have a behavioural change as regards littering and illegal dumping.



What is the cost of irresponsible disposal of waste on our economy, livelihood, health and stability and who ultimately pays for this cost? With more responsible disposal of litter, the authorities’ resources to clean can be utilized in more worthy programs. Resources will be freed to fund education, health, security, infrastructural developments and so forth. Less litter will also mean fewer germs contaminating our water sources leading to improved health cost for individuals and our nation. Cleaner environments will generate a sense of community pride in citizens.


The truth is the authorities cannot keep up with the amount of degradation that is going on - unless they of course implement draconian tax and anti littering/dumping regimes. In the coming few years the authorities’ resources to clean will be overstretched and our streets, suburbs, highways and water sources will continue to get worse - unless we act now.



We are therefore seeking your help to make the production of the three-segment video series possible. With USD 30,000 we will begin to implement a concerted program of environmental awareness that will lead to real behavioural change that leads to better environmental preservation in Kenya. Your contribution will go a long way to realising the dream of a cleaner Kenya. With these funds, CLEAN UP KENYA will hire the services of a professional producer who will produce the three segment video productions. We have already received indicative quotations from leading documentary producers in Kenya with the indicative cost being between USD 700 and 1500 per minute. We plan to use USD 20,000 on pre-production research, hiring of equipment, filming and photography and professional editing. We then plan to use the balance of USD 10,000 on outreach and impact including DVD authoring and shipment and promotion of the video series on conventional media and social media.      



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Clean Up Kenya is An environmental project seeking to empower the dream of a litter-free Kenya
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