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CLEAN UP KENYA is a nationwide environmental project that offers a simple but bold blueprint for what we all can do as individuals, organisations, communities, and as a nation to bring about the realisation of a litter-free and more environmentally presentable country. 


The litter problem in Kenya continues to grow despite authorities’ best efforts to clean up. Thousands of pieces of litter are dumped everyday by both citizens and organisations. For example, it is reported that Nairobi generates about 4000 tonnes of litter everyday with half of this being illegally dumped. If you drive around the other towns and cities you will also see tremendous amount of trash. Major highways are not spared either. They have become established eyesores with many non-degradable materials of plastic, polythene, tin and glass. These materials end up washing away into our water sources polluting our rivers, lakes and oceans.

The authorities on the other hand continue to develop and implement several waste management programs and anti littering/dumping laws. Despite these efforts, the problem continues to grow. This then becomes a vicious cycle where individuals and organisations litter and dump with authorities cleaning up. This state can largely be attributed to a lack of concerted efforts by authorities, organisations, environmentalists and well meaning citizens at public awareness that leads to real behavioural change.

CLEAN UP KENYA is a nationwide environmental project that seeks to reverse this by proposing a simple but bold blueprint for what we all can do as individuals, organisations, communities and as a nation to bring about the realisation of a cleaner and more environmentally presentable country.

Starting 2015 and through partnerships, CLEAN UP KENYA seeks to implement several public awareness campaigns, promote many local and national environmental initiatives as well as launch other special projects.


CLEAN UP KENYA has developed a three-step model to realise our mission. This model takes into consideration the need to match awareness programs with actions. In the model we plan to;

  1. ENGAGE: Create anti littering and dumping awareness campaigns through specially designed projects. Two Flagship Projects of Kenyan Children for Environmental Change and Clean Up Kenya Video Series have been planned for 2015/16.
  2. INITIATE: Inspire and empower local communities, schools, community-based organisations, businesses and local governments to plan and conduct cleanup activities and related projects throughout the year. These projects can be registered, publicised and marketed to potential participants and partners on our website as well as through our Premium Rate Short Message Number and Social Network Platforms. Our personnel will provide technical assistance to organisers of these projects.
  3. PULL TOGETHER: Hold major cleanups in major cities/towns leading to an annual national CLEAN UP KENYA DAYwith the first one being planned for early 2016.

CLEAN UP KENYA project hopes this model will help citizens develop a sense of civic pride in clean neighbourhoods and this can eventually become a metaphor for what we can all do in all things to CLEAN UP KENYA - whether it is by denouncing simple anti-social habits of littering or major challenges that bedevil our nation.


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Clean Up Kenya is An environmental project seeking to empower the dream of a litter-free Kenya
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